MAGCH: A Smart Choice For Android Users


If you are looking for an Android tablet that has an engaging look, exceptional design, and amazing features then Magch is an ideal option. This influential tab provides all functionalities that you need in any tablet. It also offers trustworthiness and versatility This tablet is a novel and crazy addition to the world of tablets. This slim and modern device provides a variety of features and functions that make it ideal for any new user in the market.

Here in this article, we will discuss all you need to know about this slim and stylish device. You may visit.

What is MAGCH?

Magch is a novel kind of tablet that is getting famous day by day. This tablet is not like the other tablet in the market as it has an exclusive operating system known as Android. Android is a free open-source operating system that enables users to personalize their experience with the tablet Magch consists of a built-in camera and microphone which make it perfect for taking snaps and videos.

This novel kind of tablet promises for revolutionizing the method we utilize the computer. Magch has an exclusive design that enables it to be utilized as a conventional tablet and laptop. The thing about this tablet is it has a built-in keyboard which means you don’t have to take the keyboard separately with you.

Magch Tablet Review – Is it Any Good?

Tablets are huge entertainment machines. They have a large display screen and battery. They are the best choice being a media utilization device. Today we will discuss the Magch tablet in depth. We will attempt to check whether this tablet is good for you.

This table is multitasking. It consists of an octa-core processor whose speed is 1.8HZ. Magch tablet has not won any competition for highly fast multitasking but it has sufficient fluidity for suiting your everyday requirements

Design and Performance

It is a smooth, glossy, and stylish machine that provides you with a nice performance at a suitable price. This tablet has an engaging design and the quality of creation is solid. The size of the screen is just ideal for daily utilization. The resolution is sufficiently high to make viewing videos and internet browsing a delightful experience.

Magch tablet has Android 4.4 which is already installed in this tab I have constructive experience with this tablet. The performance of the tablet is excellent and I have never faced a slowdown.

The Operating System On Magch:

You can get Magch Tablet with the android operating system which is Android 11(1). This tablet has achieved GMS Certification. Magch tablet gives you full access to a lot of services of Google such as Gmail, Drive, Map, etc.

Google play store is already installed on this machine and enables you to sustain full access to the majority of famous applications. This machine is particularly made for multitasking and making it easy to transition between different applications. This tablet performs well for everyday chores because its processors are developed for multitasking.

This tablet has an internal storage of 64GB. This storage can be increased up to 256GB. This device also has dual speakers that produce audio of high quality. The best thing about this device is that it is lightweight and compatible with Bluetooth V5 .0.

It also supports 5G WiFi.and it has a battery of 6000mAh that makes it trouble-free to take it anywhere. Use this tablet. Hopefully, you will like the operating system on Magch.


Hardware is tangible components of a computer like a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Magch tablet has a high-performance processor that has an important T10 chipset. As mentioned earlier it is an Octa-Core processor that has a speed of 1.8H. This tablet provides you with reasonable performance for everyday requirements.

You can study the news or you can watch movies or videos easily. You are not restricted to switching between the applications. Although don’t hope for fast multitasking performance. It has appropriate performance being add-on the tablet This tablet is completely functional that supports other applications like Netflix and Disney. It provides a stunning 1080 Complete HD display that has a resolution of 1920*1200 It has a 224-PPI IPS screen and provides 16:9 improved viewing.

Display unit:

This tablet is a complete HD tablet having a 13-mega pixels back camera and an Android 11 operating system. Magch has a rear button, access to the switch, and a navigation system of 3 buttons. The appearance of the screen can be customized by the user with different settings of color. For making adjustments they may utilize the gamma setting.

Magch M101 tablet has an Android 11 operating system which has been certified by GMS and supports multiple applications. Its strong ability to multitask permits you effortlessly. Studying is more enjoyable and effortless due to its display’s design which decreases the amount of possibly harmful blue light and places little pressure on the eyes.


One of the most crucial qualities of any tablet is its battery life. You can relish daily entertainment completely. It is as crucial as the RAM, speed, and screen resolution of the tablet. Magch tablet has a battery that has a capacity of 6000 mAh and can be used for 11 hours after a single charge. It consists of a built-in GPS, an aluminum body for mobility, and FM radio.

Technical Specification

Hardware PlatformAndroid
Operating SystemAndroid 11
Standing Screen Display Size10 Inches
Display Screen10.1-inch 1920 x 1200 IPS FHD 1080P Display
Max Screen Resolution1920 x 1080
ProcessorOcta-Core Processor up to 1.8GHz
Connector TypeType C
Camera13MP rear camera, 8MP Front Camera
Wireless Type2.4G + 5GHz Dual Band WiFi
Rear Webcam Resolution13 MP
Processor Count8
Flash Memory Size64 GB, expandable up to 256 GB
Dual SpeakersYes
Google Assistance Voice ControlYes
Item Weight2 pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH9.3 x 6.2 x 0.35 inches
Release Date14-Oct-21

GPS/ WiFi and Radio:

By having GPS, FM radio, and lightweight portable aluminum that make it easy for you to take anywhere at any time this machine covers all mobile media requirements.

Memory and storage:

Magch tablet has 64 GB built-in storage and can adjust every high-definition film, movie, snap, and official document required by you. You can also insert an SD card of up to 256 gigabytes to place additional content you like and make some deletions.

Speakers and Camera:

Dual speakers give you good-quality replication and are suitable for your every desired music. This device has two cameras:8-megapixel front camera and a 13-megapixel rear camera. Magch tablet gives you satisfactory output. However, don’t hope for something extraordinary. It will provide you with essential photography.

What makes MAGCH a better deal than Apple’s iPad?

Magch tablet is far better than Apple’s iPad in many ways. It has a larger display screen that enables you to watch movies, take a picture, and play video games. This fantastic tablet has wireless connectivity for internet browsing. Another plus point for this tablet is that it has a built-in USB port so that you may attach it to your Laptop 2hile transmitting file or charging it.

When we talk about price again this amazing tablet wins. You can very easily above a half dollar by purchasing a Magch tablet. This means you don’t have to sell out your car or take a loan to afford it.

Magch provides features that are not offered by Apple. It has a larger screen which is less costly and consists of a USB port. If you want a tablet to replace your laptop then you should for Magch. You will never be disappointed.

Where to buy MAGCH tablet

You can buy Magch tablets online from a range of merchants. A few of the most famous choices are amazon, eBay, and Walmart. You can get this stunning device from lots of brick-and-mortar shops like Best Buy and Target. While shopping for Magch it is crucial to compare the cost and features for getting a reasonable deal.

If you want to buy a Magch tablet it is available to buy online through the website of the manufacturer. This device is also accessible through online merchants like Amazon.

Display and Camera

When we talk about display this tablet is one of the best tablets available market. It consists of a resolution of 2560*1600 and has a pixel density of 300ppi. This makes it highly transparent and shining even when seen from distinct angles. The colors are very reasonable and lively.

If talk about size Magch tablet is average. It is 9.7 diagonally which is a bit less than the majority of other tablets that are available in the market. However, due to its pixel density and high resolution, it is still the best.

When we talk about cameras Magch tablets will never disappoint you. The back camera is 12 megapixels which provides 1080HD video recording and the front camera is 5mega pixels and also provides 1080HD video recording

The quality of images and video is superb which makes the Magch tablet excellent for memory capturing and video calls.


Thjsi tablet has WiFI, GPS, and Bluetooth. Its battery life is superb and charging time is fast. Wifi on this tablet is very quick and trustworthy. I faced no problem while connecting to the internet. Bluetooth is very simple to use and connect. I was capable to c my headphones and speakers without any problem. GPS also performed well. it provides accurate direction while driving.

The battery life of Magch is good. I can use it for many hours before charging it again. And when I put on the charging it few minutes to charge fully.

The Magch tablet s good with solid connectivity and good battery timings.

GMS-Certified Android 11 OS

As mentioned earlier Magch has an Android 11 operating system that is already installed. Android11 is certified by GMS which means it fulfills all needs of google for android. This certificate assures high security and harmony with all applications and services of google. Additionally, Android 11 gives a lot of new features and betterments over the last versions making it a good option for those who are looking for a strong and user-friendly tab.


The recent version of Android, Android 11 is certified by google for its use on the Magch tablet. This means the Magch tablet fulfills all the needs of google for running on the Android operating system.


This tablet has a high-performance processor that is developed for power and efficiency. It is a quad processor that consists of a clock speed of 2.0 GHz. This processor can handle difficult tasks and applications easily. It is also energy efficient so you hope for superb battery life.

This tablet has a high-performance processor that is ideal for gaming and other difficult tasks. Due to its strong capabilities of graphics, the tablet can even handle the majority of difficult games. This tablet also offers lots of power for other chores such as internet browsing and video streaming.

It is operated by a high-performance processor that offers you the speed and power you required to live positively. With the quick processor of Magch, you can open more than one application at a similar time without any slowdown.

This makes this tablet ideal for busy professionals. This processor enables you to have fun with smooth and receptive gaming.

Brilliant 1080P FHD Display

The display of Magch has 1080 Full HD resolution and is ideal for playing games, internet browsing, and movies. The display has rich and lively and the watching angles are superb. This tablet has a rotating light sensor that fixes the screen brightness automatically to make sure the best viewing in any surroundings.

This display is very beautiful. It has lively colors and the details are surprising. Everything looks transparent on this display. If you want a tablet with a beautiful display then go for the Magch tablet.

Entertainment every day to the Full

It is a superb device for people who like entertainment. It has a 10.1-inch huge display screen that is ideal for viewing movies and tv shows. The built-in speaker gives high-quality sound. The tablet consists of a microSD slot so that you can enlarge the space of storage and place all your desired media files.

The Android operating system gives access to a huge range of games and applications so that you can get something novel to delightful for yourself. Whenever you get bored by already installed applications you can download novel applications from the Google play store.

If you want a tablet that offers you the best entertainment then you must go for a Magch tablet.

Keep Your Files and Memory what you Love

This tablet has splendid 64 GB storage so that you can place all images, files, and videos without the deletion of anything. You can insert memory whenever you require as this tablet has expandable memory.

When you purchase a Magch tablet you are getting a machine that is developed to place all your files and memory securely. This is due to software present in this device that keeps track of what is stored by you on the device. This implies that whenever you lose this tablet or it gets corrupt even you can recover your data.

MAGCH High-Performance Android Tablet

The Magch tablet is one of the quickest and strong tablets in the market. It is ideal for gaming, seeing movies, and internet browsing. The huge display of 10 inches is ideal for watching HD content and the built-in speakers provide excellent sound quality.

This tablet has durable battery life so that you can utilize it for many hours without worrying about charging it again. It is one of the strongest and most flexible Android tablets in the marketplace.

It has high -a performance quad processor and a 10-inch display screen. It supports WiFi and 4G networks. It is a superb choice for one who is searching for a strong and flexible tablet,

Media Playback on the Tablet

This tablet has a media player that supports a huge range of formats audio and video. The interface of the player is user-friendly and gives superb playback. Multiple playback modes are supported by this player. However, playback on Magch is excellent.

Tips for beginners to buy MAGCH Tablet

If you are buying a Magch tablet you must be aware of a few things. Given below are some tips for the novices

Read the review:

Before buying Magch you should do research and read reviews of other users. It will help to you get an idea about whether it is suitable for you.

Consider your requirements

Why do you need a tablet? You need it to work or play. Ensure to consider your requirement before buying.

Compare prices

Don’t forget to visit the market and compare prices before buying the specific tablet.

Ask Questions

Don’t be shy to ask about a tablet or a purchasing procedure to someone who knows tablets better.

Technical Details

This device is best for those people who are looking for an influential but affordable tablet. This tablet consists of a 1.5GHZ quad processor and 2GB RAM. this tablet has Android 4.4 KitKat.OS

This tablet consists of a 10-inch LCD which has a resolution of 1280*800 pixels. It also consists of 64GB internal which you can enlarge up to 32GB through a microSD card. Concerning connectivity WiFI 802.11 b/g/n and 4.0, LE is supported by this tablet. It consists of GPS and A-Gps for purpose of navigation.

Last but not least this tablet consist of a 6000mAh battery which is good enough to be used for 8 hours with average use.

Features of MAGCH Tablet

  • It consists of a 9.7-inch display that has a resolution of 2048*1536.
  • It is operated by a quad-core processor
  • It has RAM of 4GB
  • It has 64GB internal storage which can be by microSD card.
  • It works on Android 7.0 Nougat OS.
  • This tablet has 8 megapixels back camera and 2 megapixels front camera.
  • Connectivity includes WiFI, GPS, Bluetooth, and a USB port.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the drawbacks of using the Magch Tablets?

Given below are some drawbacks of using the Magch tablet

  • Only a limited number of countries can this tablet
  • This tablet is completely new so much of the information about it is not available
  • This tablet is costly so everybody can not afford it.
  • This tablet may not be fruitful for everybody using it.

How does a Magch tablet works?

It utilizes invisible technology to attach to a computer or TV. It is developed to be utilized with current tablets or smartphones. Once it is connected you can share your content from your machine with help of a projector. You can use its keyboard to type emails, and official documents and even you can take notes while in a meeting.

Can you play games on it?

It is a superb device for playing games. It consists of a big and high-resolution screen due to which games look more stunning. Its graphics chips are influential enough to the most difficult games. This tablet has a game controller that makes it easy to play games and let the game go on.

What Os does it operate on?

It operates on the Android operating system. This tablet is the best option for those who are searching for an affordable and trustworthy

What are the features of the Magch tablet?

Some of the features of the Magch tablet are given below:

  • Slim and modern
  • Android 4.4 OS
  • 5 megapixels back camera
  • 2 megapixels front camera
  • 64 GB internal storage
  • MicroSD card for enlarging storage


Overall Magch tablet is the best option for those people who are searching for an affordable and trustworthy Android tab. Magch table provides excellent performance. It has decent features and it is user-friendly. If you are looking for a budget-friendly tablet you should for this tablet.

Magch is an excellent machine for those people who are for an affordable and trustworthy method to stay connected. The features of this tablet are impressive. However, its battery can be made better. For more better blogs you may click here.

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