A Genuine Review of Timeshare Compliance in 2023

At first, the timeshare feels blissful; but soon, the happiness turns into sorrow. Of course, nobody loves to visit the same place for vacations every year. Then, decides to hire a timeshare cancellation company to get rid of timeshare ownership.

But the question is, which one is the best timeshare cancellation company? The best answer to this question is Timeshare Compliance. It is the best timeshare cancellation company headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, and has been working since 2012. To know more about Timeshare Compliance, keep reading this article.

Is Timeshare Compliance a Legit Company?

Before hiring the timeshare compliance, the first question that comes to every timeshare owner’s mind is–Is timeshare compliance a legit company? The answer is yes. It is a legit timeshare exit company that aims to deliver high-quality services with a 100% money-back guarantee to clients.

If you check on many third-party sites, they have an impressive reputation and attract visitors through the unique features mentioned below:

  • Offers escrow payment options
  • Many financing options for visitors
  • Provides knowledgeable or experienced attorneys and staff
  • Video testimonials
  • Don’t charge an upfront fee

Reviews of Timeshare Compliance

Besides these fantastic features, timeshare compliance is renowned for its success records and made a fabulous presence on many review sites. It is not a law firm but cooperates with outside law firms to manage legal actions required for the case. If you contact them, they will ask some questions related to the case.

Here are some reviews of Timeshare Compliance listed below.

  • Online Presence– Timeshare Compliance has a positive online presence over the internet. The online reviews help understand the company’s reputation and successful projects. The company has many reviews:
  • On Trustpilot, the company has an excellent rating of 4.5 stars based on 382 reviews.
  • On BBB, it has 4.73 stars out of 5 stars based on 73 customer reviews.
  • On Google, it is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 stars based on 56 reviews.
  • Provide Attorneys– Providing attorneys is the best thing that most genuine companies offer. Timeshare Compliance has professional and experienced attorneys who know how to deal with the developer in terminating the timeshare. Exiting the timeshare with legal experts is the honest way to end the timeshare. Many timeshares exit companies claim to get you out of a timeshare, but having experts in timeshare exit is the best choice.
  • Escrow Payment and No Upfront Fee– Timeshare Compliance doesn’t charge any upfront fee. The company offers an escrow payment option to maintain their trust and transparency of work towards their clients. Considering this no upfront fee and available escrow payment option, Timeshare Compliance proves it is a legitimate timeshare exit company.

Cost of Timeshare Exit at Timeshare Compliance

The company doesn’t mention the overall cost of the timeshare exit, but it offers a free consultation where they discuss the estimated cost of the whole case with the client based on their case. The estimated cost of the case could be around $500 to $800.

However, the exit cost is also based on many factors and can go up to $10,000. In case of short on cash, it offers the Super Money as a Financing option in which clients can borrow the funds to offset the timeshare exit costs.

ConclusionOverall, Timeshare Compliance is a well-reputed, honest, and best timeshare cancellation company. It has a well-reputed staff and teams of experts who are specialized in terminating the timeshare. It also offers Super Financing options for those clients who are short on cash after spending money on timeshare. The company’s continuous success gives an idea of its successful strategies to exit timeshare.

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