Magch tablet: Specification, review 2023

Are you here in search of the best Tablet? Well, have you ever listened to the name magch? If not, you all must know that this is the best Table. This whole article will be about the magch Tablet. You’ll learn everything about this device, including its specs, compatibility, color, processor, and everything else. If you need to know what this thing is, don’t worry. This article will answer all of your simple questions about it.

Introduction to magch

MAGCH Tablet is a great choice if you want an Android tablet that looks good, has a high-quality design and has many features. This Tablet is very powerful and has all the features you could want in a tablet. It is also reliable and easy to use. It Tablet is a new and exciting tablet computer. This sleek and stylish Tablet has a lot of features and functions that make it a great choice for anyone looking for a new tablet.

Here, in this article, we’ll go over the features and benefits of this Tablet in detail so that you can easily decide if you want to buy it without any confusion or doubt.

What in the world is Magch?

Magch is a new kind of Tablet that’s getting increasingly popular. This Tablet is different from many other tablets on the market because it runs on an Android system that other tablets do not use. Android is a free operating system that lets users change how their Tablet works. MAGCH also has a built-in camera and microphone, which makes it perfect for taking pictures and videos.

It’s a new kind of Tablet that could change how people use computers. This tablet is made in a unique way that lets it be used both as a tablet and a laptop. Its best feature is that it has a keyboard built right in. This means that when you travel, you don’t have to bring a separate keyboard with you. CLICK HERE


Table of specifications

Ram4 GB
Storage64 GB
Screen displays10-inch
Resolution1920 x 1080
Weight1.94 pound
ProcessorOcta-core 1.8 Gz
Operating systemAndroid
BatteryLithium lon battery (6000 mAh)
Average battery life11 hours
Camera13 MP rear and 8 MP front

The operating system which this device uses

Magch Tablet runs on Android 11, the most well-performing version of the Android operating system, and has been approved by GMS. The 10-inch screen on the Magch Tablet lets users use all of Google’s services, like Gmail, YouTube, Drive, and Maps.

There is no extra software or advertising that you don’t want. This smartphone comes with the Google Play Store already installed, giving you full access to the most popular apps. The manufacturer made it with multitasking in mind, so switching between apps is easy.

Display and resolution of this device

The Tablet has a magnificent Full High-Definition (1080P) 10.1-inch Screen with 1920 by 1200 pixels, 224 pixels per inch (PPI), and a 16:9 aspect ratio. This display makes every part come to life and feast for the eyes.

Even when there isn’t much light, the Eye-Care Comfy mode makes watching a screen easier on the eyes and more enjoyable. The careful design of the Tablet’s screen makes it more convenient to research. This is because it reduces the amount of potentially harmful blue light and puts less strain on the eyes.

1080P FHD displays

The screen on the Tablet is nothing but amazing. It has a resolution of 1080P Full HD and is great for watching movies, playing games, and surfing the web. The colors are rich and bright, and the viewing angles are great. The Tablet also has a light sensor that automatically changes the screen’s brightness to make it easy to see in any setting.

It’s a 1080p Full HD screen, and it looks stunning. The colors are so bright, and the details are just incredible. Everything on this screen looks so sharp and clear. It’s a joy to look at. It is the way to go if you want a tablet with a stunning display.


Entertainment provided by this device display

It’s a great device for people who like to have fun. It has a big 10.1-inch screen that’s great for watching movies and TV shows, and the sound quality from the built-in speakers is great. The Tablet also has a slot for a microSD card, so you can add more storage and take your favorite media files with you wherever you go.

You can get a lot of different apps and games through the Android operating system, so you can always find something new to do. If you get tired of the apps that come with the phone, you can always get more from the Google Play Store.

If you want a tablet that can keep you entertained for hours, you should check it out.

Camera and speaker quality of this device

It has a front-facing camera with 8 megapixels and a rear-facing camera with 13 megapixels. Therefore, it can provide a decent quality output. In addition, you will have access to all of the standard features of a smartphone camera, including the ability to record video. Through the use of these cameras, you will be able to participate in online classes as well as video calls.


The audio reproduction provided by the Magch Dual Speakers is of very high quality. Listening to music and watching movies on a tablet’s speakers is a very enjoyable experience.

Memory and external storage of this device

We all know how frustrating it is when our devices get full, and we can only save something for a few days. This Tablet has 64GB of space, so you won’t have to get rid of any of your photos, videos, or files.

Also, you can quickly add more storage space if you need to because the memory is expandable. It also has 4GB of RAM, which lets you run many apps simultaneously without slowing down.

You are getting a piece of equipment that will help keep more of your files and memories safe. This is so that the Tablet’s software, which is unique to it, can keep track of what is saved there. This means you can still get to your data even if you lose your Tablet or it breaks.


This device is supported with Andriod 11

It already has the most up-to-date Android 11 operating system on it. Google Mobile Services (GMS) has certified this OS, which means it meets all of Google’s requirements for Android devices. This certification ensures that all of Google’s apps and services work well together and are safe. Also, the Android 11 OS has many new features and improvements over older versions. This makes it a great choice for people who want a powerful and easy-to-use tablet.

The latest Android

Google has given the latest version of Android, Android 11, the green light for use on the It Tablet. This means that the Tablet meets all of Google’s requirements for running the Android operating system and can use all of the features and benefits that Android 11 has to offer.

One of the most important things about Android 11 is that it works better with devices like this Tablet. This means that apps can now be made for foldable devices that take advantage of their unique shape. Android 11 also has a redesigned interface, new privacy controls, and the ability to work with 5G networks.

Supported with the best-performing processor

Its Tablet has a high-performance processor that is made to work quickly and efficiently. It has four processing cores and a clock speed of 1.8 GHz. This processor can easily handle tasks and apps that are hard to run. It also uses little power, so the battery life of this Tablet should be good.

It has a powerful processor that is great for gaming and other tasks requiring much power. Its powerful graphics allow the Tablet to handle even the most demanding games without skipping a beat. The processor also has much power for other tasks, like streaming videos and surfing the web.

The speed of this processor

It has a high-performance processor that gives it the speed and power you need to stay productive on the go. Because its processor is fast, you can open and use many apps simultaneously without lag or slowdown. This makes it perfect for professionals who are always on the go but need to get work done. The processor also lets you play games smoothly and quickly, so you can have fun while still getting work done.

It has the best connectivity.

It is a tablet that can connect to WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS. The battery life is great, and it doesn’t take long to charge.

The Tablet’s WiFi is fast and reliable. I had no trouble getting online or watching videos online. It was also easy to connect and use Bluetooth.

I had no trouble getting my wireless headphones and speaker to work together. The GPS also worked well. When I was driving, it gave me accurate directions.

The Tablet’s battery life is very good. I could use it for a few hours before charging it again. And when it did need to be charged, it only took a few minutes to get back to full power.

Overall, the MAGCH tablet is great. It connects well and has a long battery life.


From where can I buy this device?

Its Tablet can be bought online from many different stores like:

  • Amazon,
  • eBay
  • Walmart

These are some of the most well-known choices. Many brick-and-mortar stores, like Target and Best Buy, also sell tablets. When looking for an IT tablet, it’s important to compare prices and features to find the best deal.

If you want to buy an It tablet, you can do so through the company’s website. It can also be bought from online stores like

Magch VS IPads

Its Tablet is better than the iPad in several ways. One thing about it is that the screen is bigger, so you can watch videos and play games in full-screen mode. It also has a wireless Internet connection so you can surf the web. MAGCH is also great because it has a built-in USB port that lets you connect it to your laptop to transfer or charge files.

The price difference between these two

MAGCH wins again when it comes to price. If you choose a MAGCH tablet instead of an Apple iPad, which costs $499, you can easily save more than half. This means that you won’t have to sell your car or get a second mortgage to pay for one.

You can see that MAGCH has things that Apple doesn’t. It has a bigger screen, costs less, and comes with a USB port, which is a bonus. If you want to get rid of your laptop and replace it with a tablet, you should buy a MAGCH tablet. You will not be let down!



Can it perform well during gaming?

It is a great device for playing games. It has a big, high-resolution screen that makes games look great, and the graphics and processor chips are sufficiently powerful to handle even the most demanding games. Also, the Tablet comes with a game controller, which makes it easy to play games on the go.

If you want a tablet that can handle all your gaming needs, think about it.

Which operating system works in the device?

The Android operating system is what makes it work. This is a great choice for people who want a reliable tablet that won’t break the bank.

This makes it easy to find apps and easy to use. It also has a lot of useful features and is easy to use. MAGCH is a great choice if you want a cheap tablet that does everything you need.

What is the price of this device?

The price of this device varies from 170$ to 190$, which is too much reasonable with all the features this device provides you.


This was all about magch. No doubt this device is a fantastic option for you, and you can also replace your iPad with magch; trust me, it will be more affordable and a fantastic choice. You will not regret it.

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