Picrew: all you need to know about this site 2023

Picrew is an online tool for making avatars that lets people make and customize their own characters. It has quickly become a popular platform for artists and fans, giving people a way to express themselves visually that is easy to use and creative. In this article, we’ll talk about what Picrew is, how to use it, and the good and bad things about it.


Introduction to Picrew.

Picrew is a free online tool for making avatars that came out in 2018. It was made by the Japanese developer and illustrator Sangled, who wanted to give people a way to make their own characters without having to be very good at drawing. Since then, the platform has become more popular. Users have made more templates, from simple cartoon styles to more complicated anime-inspired designs. Click here

Picrew: How to Use It

To use Picrew, you must sign up for an online account. After signing up, you can look through the template library to make your own avatar. Each template has a basic design that you can change to suit your needs. You can change everything about the character, from the hairstyle and clothes to the color of the eyes and skin tone.


To start making your avatar look like you, click on the template you want to use and follow the directions. You will go through a series of menus where you can choose different things for your character. Once you’re done making your avatar, you can save it to your profile and share it with other users.

You can also use Picrew by the following steps:

  • Visit the website or search the internet for an online Picrew avatar maker.
  • Pick an image creator for your avatar from the list.
  • To get started on creating your avatar, select either “Create” or “Start.”
  • Determine the sexual orientation, race, and other characteristics of a character.
  • To personalize your avatar, you can choose from several options for haircuts, eyes, noses, mouths, and other features.
  • You can customize your avatar by selecting different outfits, accessories, and backgrounds.
  • View your character in action and make any required alterations before moving on.
  • Once satisfied with your avatar’s appearance, you may either store it on your device or publish it on other social media platforms.

It is important to remember that some avatar makers may have additional steps or options, but the steps outlined above are the fundamental steps required to create an avatar. Have fun making your unique cartoon avatar!

How to choose the best features

Picking out certain characteristics and accouterments for your avatar is essential to developing a one-of-a-kind and customized character. The following are some guidelines to consider when selecting options:

Choose what tells your personality.

Pick out details that speak to your individual interests, sense of style, and personality. You may, for instance, select a haircut that is complementary to your own hair or an accessory that is symbolic of a pastime that you take pleasure in.

Do different experiments.

Experiment with a variety of different feature combinations until you find a look that appeals to you. You can achieve a look that is all your own by experimenting with a variety of hairdos, eye shapes, and wardrobe items and seeing what works best for you.


Note the color scheme.

Take note of the color scheme that you’ve chosen for your avatar. Some avatar designers provide you with a small selection of colors to choose from, while others give you a large variety of options. Think about choosing colors that go well together and help create a consistent feel.

Broad your way of thinking.

Feel free to think beyond the box! Avatar manufacturers typically provide users access to diverse features and accessories, allowing users to design really one-of-a-kind characters. You may also change the size of the characteristics and their location on your avatar to make it seem exactly how you want it to.

Remember the setting you are using.

Finally, keep in mind the setting where you will use your avatar. This is an important consideration. Consider whether certain characteristics or accessories could be considered improper or objectionable in certain environments. If there is any room for uncertainty, err on caution.

Picrew’s Good Points

One of the best things about Picrew is its easy use. To make an avatar, you don’t need to be a great artist because the platform gives you ready-made templates that you can easily change. This means that anyone, no matter how good they are at drawing, can use this site to make a character that represents them.

Another good thing about this site is that the community runs it. Users make the templates on the platform, so there is a huge library of designs to choose from. This also means that the platform is always changing and that new templates are always being added. This helps build a sense of community because people can share their creations and work together to make even more unique and different templates.

Bad things about Picrew

One of the worst things about Picrew is that it can take time to figure out for first-time users. It can be hard to know where to start when there are so many templates and ways to change them. Some users may require help figuring out how to use the menus and options, especially if this is their first time using the platform.


The quality of the templates could be better. There are a lot of talented artists and designers on the platform who make beautiful templates. Still, there are also a lot of designs that could be better and look better. This means that users might have to look through the templates for a while to find one that fits their needs.


Picrew is a popular online avatar maker that lets people express themselves visually in a way that is easy to use and creative. It has many user templates, from simple cartoon styles to more complicated anime-inspired designs.

Even though there are some problems with the platform, like the fact that it can be overwhelming and the quality of the templates varies, Picrew is a great choice for anyone who wants to make their unique avatar because it is easy to use and is run by the community.

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